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Why a Kitchen Remodeling May Be the Best Investment You Can Make in Your Home

Posted by on Mar 30, 2015

As home improvement projects go, kitchen remodeling is no small job. It will take some time and money, but the results are usually well worth it. Let’s face it, some rooms are more important than others as far as the urgency of remodeling them. A bedroom, no matter how fancy, is basically four walls and a ceiling, along with a couple closets, that you need to hold your bed and a few pieces of furniture. The kitchen needs to be one of the more functional rooms in a home. A kitchen remodel is how to make this a reality.

Update Your Appliances

If your appliances are old or out of date, a remodel gives you the chance to update them. Is the space for your refrigerator too small? Hiring professional home improvement contractors to expand the area around it can open up your options for a larger one. If you have an old oven that takes a while to reach high temperatures, this is the perfect time to change it out for a new one. If you are an avid cook, you may want to have some experienced and reliable pros from a local home improvement company open up space above the existing oven to put in a double oven. The options for increasing your choices with regard to appliances are limitless during a remodel as opposed to when you are only changing out a particular appliance, which requires you to find a replacement that fits in the same available space as the original.

Improve the Storage Space, Flow and Value of Your Kitchen

A remodel of your kitchen enables you to increase available storage space. This can be accomplished with kitchen cabinets and additional drawers. When choosing to install kitchen cabinets and drawers be sure to choose a wood and finish that complements the rest of the room. This would also be the time to improve the openness and flow of this room. Perhaps your current kitchen is closed off from the dining area. Opening it up would enable you to stay engaged with family or guests while preparing food. All the aforementioned improvements add together to help increase the value of your home. If you value these improvements, you can bet that future prospective home buyers will as well.

Protect Yourself Before and After A Major Remodeling Job

One thing to consider before undertaking such a big home improvement project is getting a home warranty. Your homeowners’ insurance policy doesn’t cover everything, and the kitchen is a focal point for a lot of plumbing pipes and fixtures and electrical wiring and outlets. It is also the biggest location for a lot of major appliances you want to get updated during the renovation. The place you buy a new refrigerator or oven from may only guarantee it for a limited time after which you are left holding the bag if it breaks. The best way to cover all of these things and more is with a comprehensive home warranty policy. Just be sure to pick one from a reputable provider, such as AHS or others, so that you know they will be there for you in the event of a claim. Check them out at

A kitchen remodel can be one of the smartest moves you make for a home upgrade. You will benefit from using it while you still live in the house, and it should increase the value of the home when you sell it. Protect yourself by choosing a reputable contractor to do the work, and get a quality home warranty policy, and you will be able to turn your dream kitchen into a reality with no worries.

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Give Yourself a New Master Bathroom for Your next Home Improvement Project

Posted by on Mar 18, 2015

Do you have a bathroom that is holding back the rest of your house? Perhaps the master bedroom benefited from some recent remodeling work, and now the master bath seems a little lacking. If you think your shower, bathtub or toilet are old or have just seen better days, maybe a remodeling job is just what you need. It’s incredible how stepping onto marble or porcelain tile when entering your bathroom can make you feel like you are lavishing in a posh upscale hotel when you are actually home. There are several things to consider when looking at remodeling your master bathroom.

Are You Happy with the Overall Size of the Bathroom?

The first decision before changing individual components in the room is whether the room itself needs to be expanded. If the bathroom is on the small side, then this may be necessary in order to fit all the elements that will comprise your dream bathroom. This will involve taking out at least one wall, and depending on what’s on the other side of that wall, may require a change to an adjacent room.

Do the Major Components in the Room Need to Be Moved?

Are you happy with where the toilet, vanity and sink as well as shower and bathtub are located? If not, then a remodeling job gives you the chance to make some major changes. You may want the toilet off to the side and perhaps have a separate door so someone else can use the sink or shower while it’s being used. Now is the time to work out these design details before the contractors get to work.

You May Need to Change the Shower and Bathtub

If you want a master bathroom that truly looks amazing, you definitely want to look at replacing your shower and bathtub. Perhaps you have a combination shower and bathtub now but would like these separated. A stand-alone shower with a glass door looks a lot classier than a shower curtain pulled across a shower and tub that are together.

The Choice of Floor Tile and Vanity Will Complete This Room

When choosing tile for the floor of your redone bathroom, you want to make sure it matches the walls, shower and bathtub in both color and material. The countertop of the vanity around the sink should match as well. A beautiful mirror in front of the vanity will finish off your new bathroom, except for small touches such as a new towel rack and any accessories you wish to add on the vanity.

Protect Yourself with Competent Workmen and a Home Warranty

Except for the kitchen sink, the bathrooms in your home are plumbing central. You will need an experienced contractor to handle any major changes in this room, especially if you are changing the location of the sink, toilet, or shower and bathtub. You may also want to consider a home warranty. Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover everything, and you don’t want some major calamity to happen before you realize this. There are plenty of reputable and highly rated home warranty services such as American Home Shield and some others. Make sure your remodeling job is a cause for celebration and does not turn into a major headache.  Check AHS out on the web at

Remodeling home improvement projects can be rewarding in that they enable you to enjoy the fruits of the redesigned room and may also increase the value of the home whenever the day comes to sell it. If your master bathroom has seen better days, then it may be just the place to invest a little of that nest egg you’ve been saving up.

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Home Warranty – Peace of Mind

Posted by on Mar 12, 2015

Every homeowner knows appliance or system breakdowns will occur and can be very expensive. Your home insurance will not cover the cost. A home warranty is a service contract that provides protection (repair or replacement) on household appliances and systems that break down over time. Investing in a home warranty protection plan will provide peace of mind by allowing you to have your covered appliances and systems serviced without spending hundreds or even thousands of your hard earned money on repairs.

Do I Really Need A Home Warranty?

There is a very good chance at least one of your home systems or appliances will breakdown at any time. ALL appliances break down. Your heating could go out in below zero temperatures or worse your air could go out during three digit hot days. Breakdowns can be costly to repair and could possibly cost thousands to replace. Unless you have hundreds or thousands of dollars set aside specifically for appliance and/or system breakdowns, you need a home warranty.

You need a home warranty plan to cover major appliances and home systems that include your HVAC units and duct work, electrical system, plumbing, washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators in addition to other appliances and systems.

Your home warranty protection plan provider will pay the repair bill for you!

How Do I Know Which Plan Is Right For Me?

When selecting a home warranty plan you want to select a plan that will…

  • Provide access to a network of reliable, qualified/certified and screened service contractors
  • Provide user friendly service request(s) options (accessible online or by phone)
  • Provide service request access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Great rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • A workmanship guarantee
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Provide a variety of warranty options and bundles

Check out the customer reviews and testimonials on search engines in addition to the company’s page to get a more unbiased opinion on the company and their service. You may find majority of the reviews and testimonies show the homeowner’s only regret is not purchasing a home warranty sooner. Home warranty companies offer a free quote that you should take advantage of so that you can do price and coverage comparisons.

How Much Does It Cost?

Home warranties are fairly an inexpensive investment (well under $500 a year) depending on the coverage plan you choose. The warranties are typically a one-year service contract with the option to renew at the end of the term. Renewing is highly recommended. Purchasing a home warranty costs less than repairing or replacing the broken down appliance or system. Home warranty companies typically provide a selection of coverage options to allow you to choose the right coverage for your home. A good example is American Home Shield (AHS). They offer a variety of packages to fit your coverage need.

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